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Construction workers work with their hands and equipment and that is appealing to many. There is also job satisfaction knowing that you have contributed to something that will last many years. Reliable compensation benchmarking must filter for not only the construction industry , but also for geography and relative company size. This look-a-like benchmarking should also be augmented with compensation data for other local or regional companies competing for the same talent pool, regardless of industry and relative size.

  • This requirement, established with the passing of the Affordable Care Act, is commonly referred to as the “Employer Mandate”.
  • Construction sites need managers and safety managers so there is room for growth and higher salaries.
  • The construction industry develops workers’ skillsets in framing, drywall, and many other types of technical work.
  • A diverse team allows your projects to better reflect the communities in which you build, and helps you better understand and deliver on clients’ needs.
  • You’ll guarantee a future stream of high-end workers to fill your potential vacancies.

This means that as soon as you decide you want to pursue a skilled craft, you can begin working with on the job training through an apprenticeship. However, the growing demand for craftspeople has left the industry in an interesting position that benefits newcomers to the industry. With high demand comes high salaries, ample opportunity and room for career growth.

Workers’ Compensation for Construction: Understanding the Basics

Think about it; you’re not the only one hiring; you must provide a reason for employees to choose you over others. These next four steps will guide you on how to hire construction workers by providing a strategy that’ll work now and in the future. CAD (computer-aided design) technicians work with architects and engineers to create plans and schematics for construction projects. They take the architect’s or engineer’s plans and create a visual, 3D representation that’s used by workers at the job site.

This is a staggering deficit, but it makes room for a lot of opportunity for new craftspeople. As four-year degrees have been heavily pushed over the years, the amount of students and adults pursuing careers in construction has decreased significantly. One benefit of construction work is you can wear pretty much what you wish. Of course, there are some regulations concerning safety, like wearing safety goggles, hard hats, orhi-visworkwear. National poll of young adults between 18-25, only 3% of them were interested in entering the construction trade despite the fact that there’s plenty of work and often good pay.

The Skillwork Forum | Where are the High-Paying Skilled Labor Jobs?

Sequencing of work is critical and essential to constructing a project, so everyone relies on one another to finish their task on time so the next team can begin their work. That includes emphasizing individual and collective contributions to safety and productivity. And the best teams always have a clear picture of the game plan, and what they have to do to win. What values are you standing up for when you commit to making sure your employees have access to affordable health care coverage? Why should it matter to a young employee that you are dedicating money today that will benefit them in their retirement many years from now.

By receiving more one-on-one guidance, they’ll get a much better understanding of the work and their Construction Worker Benefits That Make The Job More Appealing prospects. Adjusting compensation and benefits strategies can help your company reduce turnover. For instance, 86% of millennial employees said they’re willing to work for a company with an exciting mission and vision, even if they earned less. Instead, ask open questions with “what,” “why,” and “how” to keep the conversation going.

Finding and Retaining Construction Employees in the Age of COVID

And we’ve had the pleasure of seeing people from all backgrounds thrive in their construction jobs. Women considering construction should know that there’s almost no pay gap at all. With short-term education expenses and a fast track into the workforce, craft professionals are able to start making a paycheck while dodging large student loans. With the price of an education continuing to climb, it makes sense to pursue a career in construction and start making money right away. You made a good point when you shared that you are able to obtain job satisfaction knowing that you have contributed your energy to something that will last for years when you work as a construction worker.

  • It’s up to you to make sure the value is communicated and fully understood.
  • As boomers leave open opportunities in the skilled crafts, specifically in high up positions like journeyman, superintendent and project manager, there will be a lot of room for career growth.
  • Gen Zs expect a lot more than an attractive salary when considering a job offer.
  • Other perks and benefits have their place on the employee relations spectrum.
  • The internal promotion of skilled trade positions to managerial roles can also strengthen employee morale and provide clear career paths.

Bringing in and keeping workers will continue to be a top challenge for construction companies and contractors. The construction industry is struggling to find skilled workers to meet the current and upcoming work demands—and there are no quick fixes for many of the reasons this is happening. Like many other industries, the construction industry competes for today’s workers amid high turnover rates. Regardless of industry, the pandemic caused many employees to reconsider their line of work and try different roles or industries entirely. This employment shift is especially difficult for construction companies and contractors, as the candidate pool for construction is significantly narrowed since they depend on workers who have acquired specialized skills. When it comes to recruitment, construction companies should look beyond the traditional hiring process and find alternative ways to find workers.

An Aerotek expert explains how auto manufacturers can create a more attractive work culture. As the founder of MatchBuilt, a premier career coaching and recruiting firm, I am passionate about helping individuals transform their professional lives. It usually takes more than one email to close hires, similar to marketing and sales. Join thousands of pros around the world who use Houzz to move their businesses forward. We already mentioned earlier that a majority of the salaries for tradespeople are increasing across the board. We pride ourselves on delivering a personalized service, cutting-edge technology and software that is easily used by your entire team.


4.9% Compound Annual Growth Rate by 2023––just doesn’t match up with the labor shortage impacted by an aging workforce and a younger workforce that doesn’t see much appeal in the trade. There’s an obvious dilemma in construction right now––there are more jobs than there are workers. The construction industry has a reputation for having a high turnover rate. The Great Resignation is partially responsible, but it’s not the only reason for construction’s attrition problem.

However, making them conditional on a minimum employment term is essential; otherwise, people may leave their jobs as soon as they get their bonuses. Through your communication channels, talk about your long-term safety record, how you deal with workplace hazards, and how you plan to improve in the future. As employers update their equipment and machines with these new technologies, they’ll need workers with the skills to operate, maintain, and fix them.