After recording themselves with chosen backgrounds, students can create videos to share on Seesaw. We have a green screen on the wall and students have had fun posting presentation about animals, history, and reports in science. This shows that the quality of the content of the understanding will be visible. It depends on what we expect the students to be able to do/produce. However, students should also understand that technology is a tool to help them be better learners. As I mentioned, I have seen that Seesaw has been a good differentiation product.

using seesaw for assessment

There are so many reasons that I feel that Seesaw has helped my students improve their communication skills but these are the top. Have the parent volunteer call students over one at a time to complete the assessment challenge. The pandemic has impacted and interfered with our teaching in countless ways, and the media is filled with headlines prophesying the Covid math slide. I am, however, appreciative that it forced me to become more tech-savvy with my assessments. The tips and suggestions outlined here will remain in my teacher tool box long after “normal” schooling resumes.

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I always want divergent musical thinking to be a part of my curriculum, so I love that seesaw lets students submit improvised musical products. Closed-end questions can be easily solved using apps like PhotoMath, or by asking a classmate or family member. Thus, you as a teacher may not obtain accurate information on your student’s independent performance. In my efforts to get an accurate sense of students’ understanding, the recording microphone has been my favorite avenue for student response. The microphone allows students to share their thoughts in a way that is both easily accessible and understandable.

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If you believe Wordfence should be allowing you access to this site, please let them know using the steps below so they can investigate why this is happening. Submitted student work can be sorted by subject or by student e.g. looking at how my student is doing overall skills in class, etc. It also shows you which students haven’t completed anything yet, and as we know, that is a challenge many educators are facing.

using seesaw for assessment

If working with younger students, consider a rubric with emoji faces, rather than words. Also, remember you can record a “caption” for the page to have the text read aloud and students can record their responses with the microphone. Having your students write out or draw the steps to solving the equation is very insightful. With open-ended questions, you are much more likely to gain an accurate insight into the child’s understanding of the concept.

Long Vowel Phonics Passage Assessments with SeeSaw Activities Option

I hope to continue to use Seesaw as an educational tool in my future teaching practice. Seesaw has enabled students to share their learning progress, show/demonstrate their understanding beyond paper and pencil-based activities. Seesaw, a student driven digital portfolio tool has announced Seesaw Plus, a paid version that will come with advanced assessment tools.

  • While you’re coaching employees, it’s also important that you evaluate and celebrate success along the way.
  • Creating an account is simple and the teacher can create a whole new student roster or integrate the Seesaw platform with Google Classroom to sync student lists.
  • However, students should also understand that technology is a tool to help them be better learners.
  • ” and smiling, I have EVIDENCE of little Billy’s thinking to share with parents through Seesaw.

Teachers want to learn about the important features of Seesaw and how it can help them in the classroom. Teachers also want to know about the educational impact that Seesaw provides such as classroom management, creating student engagement, and increased student achievement . In this unit students will learn the importance of assessing students and choosing the correct tool to use as an assessment. Students will also learn about the the various assessments provided by Seesaw and how they can choose an appropriate one for their lesson. Assessment is an essential step in the learning process for both teachers and students. By assessing students, teachers are able to see if the goals of education are being met.

You can also have students show pictures or graphs in the books they are reading. Choosing the right assessment tool can be difficult no matter the teaching setting. Teachers can choose between written answers, projects, tests, homework, class conversation, group work, etc. The possibilities can seem endless and overwhelming when trying to pick the right assessment for your students. With the ease of Seesaw you are able to offer all of the assessments listed above, for each and every assignment.

What is the difference between seesaw and Google classroom?

I have been lucky to have a little room that we call the recording studio where students know that they can go and record in private. I have seen students that are usually very shy in the classroom, shine when they use Seesaw. In the 21st-century, we are moving away from the traditional ways of teaching and learning – the lecture and memorize style, to more hands-on and project based.

Additionally, the technology in Seesaw allows you to remove potential barriers for students in demonstrating their understanding. For math-focused tasks, utilize the caption button to record the directions or read a problem aloud. This allows students to hear the directions orally and removes the reading barrier from the math task. Additionally, you can embed various manipulatives onto the page, so that students can make use of those while working to solve a problem. Thankfully, there are a number of great learning platforms available to help teachers harvest accurate assessment data. Students that are new to our country and have limited English skills are able to use Seesaw to show what they can do in class.

Going Beneath The Surface: How Leaders Can Strategically Use Assessments To Facilitate Employee And Team Growth

Evaluating and checking in on established goals is a great way to build relationships and support the growth of each employee. Employees want to feel like they are living a purpose-driven life, and this includes work. Knowing that they are contributing to the success of the company builds esteem and fosters a sense of belonging. Coaching, which is unfortunately undervalued and underutilized in the workforce, is a powerful tool to help your employees overcome behavioral and perceptual barriers to success.

Seesaw is also a parent communication tool that seamlessly shares what’s going on in the classroom, and builds strong home-school partnerships. It provides every family with immediate, 24/7 access to their child’s learning. I have been fortunate to have worked as a bilingual teacher in Arizona, Spanish Immersion teacher in Florida, multi-age classroom teacher and now as an ESOL teacher in Georgia. Teaching students to become proficient in other languages has always been my passion.

In a typical classroom, teachers can walk one lap around the room and see how each student is progressing in real-time. But the need for gauging your student’s progress may have never been greater. Many educators fear school closure could cause academic slides and lasting learning deficiencies. At a time when learning is constantly shifting from in person to online, teachers do not have the time to research the resources being given to them.

Implement A Three-Step Process For Using Assessments

This allows teachers to compose a complete picture of student learning and growth, rather than a single snapshot at a point in time. Not only can work be collected over one school year, but for every year of a child’s schooling, creating a powerful visual journey of a child’s entire school career. It’s also incredibly convenient for marking student work and providing feedback. Creating an account is simple and the teacher can create a whole new student roster or integrate the Seesaw platform with Google Classroom to sync student lists. By using the “+ Student” button, you can easily add students to the program and indicate if they will use an email to sign in or share devices. Students use a smart device to make videos or take photos of their work.

using seesaw for assessment

However, after several months, you notice they haven’t provided you substantial updates or had much progress with mobilizing the necessary cross-functional teams. Example of 3rd grade student explaining how he solved a math problem. In the next post, we’ll talk about some frequently asked questions around the Seesaw app, and how to make it work for you. When I reference assessment, I am not necessarily talking about grades.

” and smiling, I have EVIDENCE of little Billy’s thinking to share with parents through Seesaw. My name is Diana Delaney and I have taught over 25 years in the elementary classroom. Ed in Curriculum and Instruction and a B.A in Linguistics from the University of Arizona.

Today we worked on our Mother’s Day gifts and I’m SO excited with how they turned out!!! Have students work on them with a partner or in a collaborative group. This way, you can create something more personal and give students another way to follow instructions clearly. Here is everything you need to know about this innovative app that can help you bring your classroom into a new era. These videos showed how they actually found out how they can share what they know about the characteristics of 2D shapes. If I refer to the ‘square explanation’, I can see if the students understand what corner and side are.

Teachers can choose to allow all forms of responses, or can select the specific feature they would like their students to use. Students are able to see the achievements they have made, but also the areas that require more time and work. Assessments seesaw protocol audit allow teachers to reflect on their teaching and determine if the methods, practices, and activities they chose are the most effective for their student population. Self-assessment is one of the most powerful tools to employ when assessing.