This helps us streamline financial software development, ensure high quality of the solution, and optimize the project budget. Fintech solutions allow you to secure transactions and all vulnerable information. One way to ensure top-notch security is by adopting blockchain in financial services. It means that all the essential financial data, including transaction records, is stored in separate blocks that form a chain.

What is Digital Finance Transformation

Although it may sound counterintuitive, digital transformation in finance shouldn’t be for the sake of a finance transformation. Rather, it should be part of an overall enterprise-wide digital transformation. Co-implement the finance digital transformation with the client’s in-house and/or engaged IT team. Due to being complex and long-running, finance digitalization projects demand flexibility. For example, it may turn out that the digitalization strategy requires some tuning at the implementation stage due to the altering business situation.

Consider Professional Services for Digitalization in Finance

During step two we look at the projects that came out of the roadmap and bring them to life. This might involve creating business cases, supplier selection, reviewing technologies to implement and processes to map, amongst other requirements. Let us help you select an approach digital financial transformation and technology strategy that’s right for your future business needs. But perhaps the biggest single benefit is increased agility, according to Workday’s Montgomery. “Agility has become the number one priority and that’s what the CFOs of the future are aiming to achieve.

Companies across all industries, especially the finance industry, can leverage innovative technology solutions to improve their business aspects. By investing in a digital transformation, you’re actively laying the foundation needed for leveraging innovation later down the line. Igital transformation in finance is a concept which has now become part of a successful business strategy rather than just technology.Digital transformationhas made a positive impact on business operations.

Why CFOs need to adopt digital finance transformation

F&A Professionals Close the books with confidence while streamlining and automating your reconciliation and financial close processes. Read more about how we helped the client to develop a fraud detection and prevention solution for the banking and finance industry. The use cases of RPA in finance include Customer onboarding, Compliance, Loan processing, Customer service, Accounts payable, Credit card processing, Fraud detection, Know your customer, Account closure, and General ledger.

What is Digital Finance Transformation

The good news is that FP&A has come out on top as the main process or activity that has benefited the most from automation and digitalization, with over half (55.6%) of respondents in agreement. As business conditions become less predictable, finance must be able to help executives throughout the organization make informed decisions quickly and confidently. This was true even before theCOVID-19 pandemic, but the global crisis has only amplified the need to equip businesses to operate with agility.

The role of technology and people in digital finance

To unlock new value from digital finance, enterprises must embrace and optimize AI in their processes and functions. Finance leaders are taking on an elevated role as strategic business partners, as they hold the key to building new capabilities in finance. A discussion on digital solutions that enable Finance to drive greater value and growth. The technology that’s still in the early stages is blockchain, which will have fundamental and significant impacts on the way finance secures its ledgers. Implementing blockchain will allow finance leaders to focus on other parts of the business, rather than the accuracy of the ledger, according to Klimas.

What is Digital Finance Transformation

Pivot your digital finance transformation journey with an AI-driven human-machine paradigm. Once the digital finance transformation project has finished, you’ll benefit from our managed services, ensuring everything that was achieved in step two continues to add value to your business. Another key trend within the finance function is the adoption of cloud data systems, which allow companies to host their financial data remotely and securely. Various surveys have illustrated the growth of cloud technology during the pandemic.

Turn To A Cost-Effective Delivery Approach

Usually,Automationis the most popular definition that comes to your head when you hear about Finance Transformation. But actually, the term is much broader and may vary based on the situation of each company. Systems should also have the ability to integrate and connect — for example, it is not practical to have a financial system that does not link with the system that supports procurement. “In parallel, think about what can be done to optimise the process. And then think about the tool and what solution that can help facilitate,” he added.

What is Digital Finance Transformation

About one-third of CFOs (34%) say they plan to prioritize finance digital transformation in the next year. They’re doing so because the benefits are proven, the pillars of finance digital transformation are all readily available, and any existing barriers can be overcome. The digital transformation of the finance company into a digital bank aimed to improve the company’s digital maturity and competitiveness after introducing all digital goods and services. Digital transformation in financial services brings businesses many benefits. Also, in 2020, Western Europe accounted for 40% of the market, making it the largest area in the world for financial services based on the Business Wire report . Africa was the smallest area, while North America, which accounted for 27% of the global financial services industry, was the second-largest.


Assess the complexity of the financial analytics the company currently relies on. Examine the client’s overall business situation and strategic business goals. Drive up to 90% cost savings per invoice due to fully automated invoice generation and processing. Get end-to-end visibility of the due and received payments to timely trigger collection procedures, achieve up to x2 reduction in DSO, and prevent revenue leakage. Our expertise spans all major technologies and platforms, and advances to innovative technology trends.

  • “We should be open to learn from others, but we can also teach others how transformation comes together to drive value for the organisation,” Miln said.
  • Introduces businesses to new asset management platforms, forecasting applications, analytical tools, and other fintech software solutions.
  • Eventually,smart agentswill learn what kinds of business information an individual needs and deliver that information proactively.
  • Data analytics have been the go-to decision-making tool for a while now, and they’ve become simpler to operate and more powerful than ever.
  • Modernize banking with our digital transformation solutions for financial organization and benefit.
  • After all, according to a PwC analysis, technology is quickly changing the makeup of the financial services workforce, and many businesses are increasingly discovering that they may replace entire processes with totally digital cores and tools.
  • Digital transformation in the financial sector involves various technologies such as cloud computing, data analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the Internet of Things .