She met Yaya for the first time in 2016 at the TwitchCon. In the past, she started the character company titled A Charmed Affair. As of now, the Twitch queen is yet to spare statements about this new information. But looking at the relationship they’ve shared lately, it might be nothing but smiles. Currently, Amouranth has not received any awards yet from her career. She has, however, been very lucky to have millions of followers on her social; media platforms.

With time, she has also garnered herself a huge fan base with more than 500k followers on Facebook, more than 1 million followers on Twitter, and more than 2 million followers on Twitch. I didn’t know amouranth prior but she’s the top selling OF creator and twitch streamer. She’s super popular and really conventionally attractive. When I started hearing about her being abused, for some reason a part of me was hoping he wasn’t Asian. She’s a millionaire and he’s had control of her bank accounts, threatening to kill her dogs… What do we know about the Twitch streamer’s relationship details and also a bit of her work?

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Racking up 5.2 million followers on twitch with a total of 401 million views. She currently has a sub count of 16 thousand, which roughly translates to $80,000 per month. The escapade was first revealed by a disgruntled mod, where the screenshot claimed that she “hid the fact that she had a husband” in a conversation with the mod himself.

At the time of writing, there is no confirmation whether or not Yung Gravy and Amouranth are dating. After a two-day break, she returned to the platform to explain that she was “free,” that her husband was out of the house, and that she was going to be able to hang out with friends again. Amouranth’s yearly earnings are over $20 million, according to the Twitch creator. This consists of $1.5 million per month of OnlyFans earnings, $100,000 per month via Twitch, and $85,000 a year from gas stations investments she has made. Above all, Amouranth expressed her ultimate wish to open an animal sanctuary as she has immense love for horses and dogs. She thus pointed out she needed to make enough money to achieve her goal.

Her husband also have access to all her money and she can’t withdraw cos everything money related goes to his phone and there’s two factor authentication on it. She earns her revenue from Twitch and other business they’ve veered into which includes renting the gas station they bought in November 2021 out to Circle K. She started a children’s entertainment company in 2015 and a year later she was personally contacted by Twitch, who asked her to join their platform. Yes, Amouranth is married as she revealed on stream that he is emotionally abusing her.

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However, some defended Parker and accused Brockman of trying to damage his reputation. Later he added it was a really “bad decision,” before adding that he knew he shouldn’t have gone back to his ex-girlfriend. The couple appeared to be on good terms for a while, and the actor even joined the ‘Without Me’ singer on tour. However, in March 2020, they decided to call it quits. Peters has had a few notable relationships throughout his time in the spotlight.

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But well, he turned them down by kissing another girl on stream, putting an end to the controversy. We provide you with the latest gossip, news and videos straight from the celebrity world. Amouranth Net WorthAs of 2023, The estimated amount of net worth that Amouranth has is around $2 million.

In the first months of her streaming career, she had about 100 viewers. Malystryx is Editor-in-Chief/Managing Editor at And a veteran esports journalist, content creator and personality. He has been involved in the esports scene since 2004 and has worked with many different organizers and portals, including SK Gaming, ESL, Dexerto, GINXTV, Razer and Monster Energy.

It was in any way doing huge adjustments on Reddit and other social stages after her stream. In the end, it took Twitch administrators just about 12 hours to inactivate and close down her account. In like manner, Twitch had banned her for three days. She had gained more than 400,000 supporters in seven days.

She uploads to this channel about once per week and her videos gain at least 200k viewers within 1 day of uploading. Over the next few years, Amouranth gradually transitioned to model-focused work. As time progressed the content she produced, particularly on her YouTube, became increasingly focused around beauty and health.

Amouranth revealed exactly how much she made from Onlyfans in a tweet on her twitter account. Social Blade data tells us that Amouranth has 3.6 million average video views on her primary YouTube channel every month. 👉 Learn more about how Twitch streamers make money from Sponsorships. On her main channel, she uploads try-on hauls, yoga routines, and dance videos.

However, if we look at the video carefully, ‘L OF THE DAY’ does come up with some facts, which date back all the way to the early 2010s and to a man called Nick Lee. Amouranth’s streaming was gaining more and more traction over the years. Not only were the donations coming in, but her popularity was at a rocket high by the beginning of 2018. Hailing from Houston, Amouranth began as a minor cosplayer who started by dressing up as her favourite video game and comic book character, mainly Princess Zelda and Link at the very beginning. At some point, he even took some photos of Amouranth with some fans – though this time she wasn’t asked to step on anyone.