If you love 90 Day Fiance, it’s especially intriguing to see these couples as real-life sets in even more. Having only three months to get married is a short amount of time, so being able to look at how everything comes together is illuminating. The dating show follows four couples who have previously broken up. This ranges from high school sweethearts to long-distance relationships. Love is Blind is a social experience where contestants of the opposite sex are put into separate “pods” and they date around for ten days— all without seeing each other’s faces.

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Unlike a lot of dating shows that primarily focus on just the sexual part of dating, or how many followers someone might want to get from being on the show, Love On The Spectrum is truly about love. Let’s be honest with ourselves – even though we all might be in loving, committed relationships, sometimes we just can’t deny that romantic reality shows are our guilty pleasure. Even if you don’t have a significant other, sometimes all you want to do is sit back on your couch, and watch others find love – or completely fail at finding it. It’s good TV – and luckily, Netflix has a plethora of them.

Contestants from the Bachelor and Bachelorette from previous seasons have another chance to fall in love in Bachelor in Paradise with other previous contestants. What happens when 16 complete strangers – 8 single women and 8 single men – attempt to find true love while working together to survive the elements and each other on an unforgettable island paradise. Hoping to say goodbye to superficial dating, real-life singles sport elaborate makeup and prosthetics to put true blind-date chemistry to the test. A documentary series following young adults on the autism spectrum as they explore the unpredictable world of love, dating and relationships. 10 female contestants — all of them tired of city life — vie for the attention of a bachelor farmer who is looking to settle down with the right woman. But in order to win, these women will have to prove that they are farm-ready.

Reality Dating Shows That Are Just Pure, Trashy Fun

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They buy each other gifts, share meals together and participate in a range of activities prepared by the hosts that will help them grow closer as a couple. There’s also the chance for them to introduce each other to their friends and family. Because the couples spend so much time together, naturally this show is full of mushy moments that will make you go “aww”. If you’re looking for a dating show that’s an in-depth exploration of the Oedipus Complex look no further! Eight single mothers aged 40 and beyond fly to sunny Mexico with their adult sons to participate in matchmaking with other mother-son teams atMILF Manor.

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This series is kind of a dating show but even more than that it is a social experiment. This series which aired on Lifetime is now available on Hulu. The premise of this show is exactly what the title suggests. Two complete strangers are matched by supposed experts, and the first time they meet is at their wedding. The show sometimes doesn’t age super well, but seeing the millionaires, who are often eccentric, as they look for love using a matchmaker is definitely intriguing.

Love Catcher

This show, now available on Hulu, aired for years on Bravo, and shows matchmaker Patti Stanger setting up rich people who are looking for love. Sometimes the people featured are interesting or strange or completely oblivious to how dating should work, but Patti’s still the one stealing scenes. According to the Hulu description, “Glamorous singles live in a beautiful villa under the watchful gaze of the audience at home, who have the power to decide who stays and who goes.” This spinoff of the TLC show is about Americans who started online dating people who live outside of the country and go to meet them for the first time. Ex on the Beach started in the U.K., but it’s now on its second season in the U.S. The show involves cast members from other reality TV shows going to live by the beach together and — surprise!

TheMarried At First Sightseries has an incredibly low success rate, but contestants always come in with the hope that it will work out for them. Alas, there have been amazing couples, such as Amani and Woody Randall, or even season 1 couple Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner. Even though the concept is wild, this can be a heart-warming show, and the fans may even learn something from its regular counseling sessions. Finding love is a big goal for many people around the world, and networks and streaming services have capitalized on this by creating their own dating competition series. There have been a plethora of shows that have come out that deem themselves to be the best way to find love, or claim that they are revolutionizing dating.

Here are a few great reality dating shows that you can watch. I Am Solo is really similar to Heart Signal, but the contestants are all on the show specifically looking for a partner to marry. 14 men and women live in one house and go on dates with each other. This show is relatively drama-free and is the perfect binge show to have on in the background. But, there are some intense moments , so the episodes will keep you curious about everyone’s relationship. Single’s Inferno is a South Korean reality dating show where contestants were forced to live on a stranded island for 9 days.

The shows come in a wide variety of creative formats that pit contestants against each other. They also feature people from all walks of life, ranging from celebrities to singles and even ex-partners. We all love a guilty pleasure, and few things are more indulgent than watching strangers compete to find their twin flame on reality TV. From the binge-worthy to the cringe-worthy, there is something for everyone in the dating show genre.

It became a Netflix hit soon after it premiered and just wrapped up its first season. The Circle started Netflix’s 2020 reality programming off with a bang. The reality show centers around a group of people brought to an apartment complex where they all must live separately, and are only able to communicate through a social media network called The Circle. The players must rank and vote out fellow contestants frequently based on their likability and interactions, but the twist is players are allowed to catfish the rest of the group. The premise is cheesy, but the cast is so likable and fun that the show is a surprisingly heartfelt binge. This series brings 10 contestants together to live under one roof for eight days.

That said, the contestants have to live together in a house with no access to the outside world for weeks, so sometimes love connections are made. The most recent season is available with CBS All Access. Showtime broke ground with the steamy lesbian drama The L Word, and they kept the show’s legacy alive after it ended with this equally sexy real life counterpart. This Showtime reality show lets you follow the lives and loves of real queer women in Los Angeles and Brooklyn.