If you are a business owner or an everyday user of the internet, it is vital to secure your PC from malware and viruses. A reliable antivirus program is the best way to accomplish this.

Protegent Antivirus Scam

Protegent is a reasonably inexpensive and effective antivirus security software that is designed to safeguard your system from cyber-attacks. zeusvirus.net Its protection features include clever code emulation, social networking cover, USB safeguards, and more. Additionally, it includes an option to help you retrieve lost files.

The company claims that its products will keep your system secure from malware, phishing attacks and Trojans. The product has been extensively criticized and is considered a scam.

Some reviews suggest that it can slow down your system too much This is the reason you should be aware of the features before purchasing it. The company claims it can safeguard your system from WannaCry. This is a hoax and shouldn’t be trusted.

Contrary to the reports some users believe that Protegent is actually a powerful and effective antivirus solution. The software will protect your computer from phishing attacks, malware and rootkits.

Protegent 360, the most powerful of Protegent’s anti-virus home solutions, comes with several features that safeguard your Windows computer. It has real-time scanning and optimization tools that increase your system’s performance, protect against malware, and recover deleted or lost files.