He is one of the direct reasons I have mental illness myself due to his and his family’s abuse. But I don’t believe in writing off mentally ill people whole sale. Common sense says that not every point of contention in a relationship is because of bipolar disorder.

Any breakup is likely going to be difficult, especially if you had a long-term commitment to your partner. Dr. Reiss said that this situation may lead to feelings of guilt. You should immediately reassess any relationship that has become threatening, and take care of your safety. Beyond that, if unhealthy signs continue or grow worse, it may also be time Topface to think about ending the relationship. “Sometimes, when people have been stable for a while, they’re sort of like, ‘Oh, I don’t think I need any of this anymore.’ Usually that’s a bad idea,” she said. The negative side is impulsiveness without calculating risk can make us promiscuous and not necessarily good long term partners until in our 30’s.

If she has tough days and can’t do certain things, try not to blame her and understand that her condition sometimes makes things different. If you’re able to be supportive without getting overly hurt if she has mood swings due to her disorder, then you’ll be in a good position. This doesn’t mean that it’s easy to shrug off mood swing issues, but it does mean that you can be supportive and understand that the things that she says aren’t always coming from her heart.

Many partners of folks managing bipolar disorder want to know how to differentiate what is part of their love interest’s personality from what is part of their condition. Keys to success include maintaining an open line of communication, making sure the person with bipolar disorder follows their treatment plan, and getting support when you need it. While taking these steps can benefit your relationship, bipolar disorder may still occasionally cause strain in a relationship — even if both of you know what to expect. But keep in mind that whether you have bipolar disorder or are dating someone with the condition, it’s possible to establish and maintain a healthy and fulfilling relationship. If you have bipolar disorder, you may already be familiar with the impact your condition can have on a romantic relationship.

Find a Therapist

Those with bipolar disorder may also engage in risky behaviors such as unprotected sex or extramarital affairs while manic. Knowledge is power, so learn as much as you can about your partner’s disease. That being said, bipolar disorder is a complex disease. Instead, focus on the big picture like what amanic episodeis or how to recognizesigns of depression. The first step is to get diagnosed and treated for your condition.

Dating medicated bipolar

Bipolar II is characterized by hypomania, a less extreme form of the full-blown mania of bipolar I. Hypomania may present more subtly as feeling energetic, mentally quick, and more productive, or it may simply appear as a decidedly good mood. In contrast, both forms of bipolar disorder entail relatively equal degrees of depression. People with bipolar II may not even realize that their hypomania is a symptom, and may only reach out for help because of their depressive episodes. This can cause a person with bipolar II to think they’re just depressed, making it less straightforward to obtain an accurate diagnosis and receive effective treatment. There are two major variants of bipolar disorder, referred to as I and II.

Tips for Dating Someone With Bipolar Disorder

My gf was just diagnosed as bipolar type 1 with psychotic features last year. I’d had no prior knowledge of how to deal with it so I did my best. I did a little research but nothing prepared me for what it was really like.

Before Gary got his diagnosis of rapid-cycling bipolar I, Barbara interpreted his out-of-touch reactions to her problems as impatience and lack of sympathy, especially after her father died. When Barbara had to store boxes of her father’s belongings in the garage, for example, Gary complained there was no room for his car. But if you want her back, treat her the way she treated you. Friends say you’re the life and soul of the party, but you avoid parties like the plague. You meet the same person at two different parties and have to convince them you’re not your pain-in-the-ass twin brother. You can’t sleep at nights, which would be OK if you had more insomniacs for friends.

Asking about personal triggers can help someone support their partner when those events or circumstances arise or help them avoid triggers. However, many mood changes can occur without triggers. Triggers could include dealing with a stressful work scenario, not getting enough sleep, or missing doses of medication.

The more you learn about this disorder, the easier it is to be patient with your partner when they’re experiencing mania. However, caring for a spouse who has this disorder 24/7 can burn anyone out. Don’t wait until you’re about to explode with frustration to take a break. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and you’re able to, go to another room and breathe. Also, try to incorporate self-care into your routine by going for walks, practicing yoga, watching a favorite movie, or doing anything else you enjoy.

Bipolar I Disorder — where the person’s episodes or mania and depression can last up to a week or two and considered very severe. Most of the time, the person who suffers bipolar I disorder needs special hospital treatment. McNulty watched not only his own marriage fall apart, but the marriages of others with bipolar disorder as well. “I’ve been running a support group for almost 19 years,” he says. She is also chief of the department in clinical-genetic epidemiology at New York State Psychiatric Institute.

Have a Plan

Many people who live with BPD have experienced childhood trauma. Learn more about the complex blend of factors that cause BPD. You may also want to consider expressing your needs to be listened to and encouraging your partner to double-check before assuming how you feel. There are some ways you can strengthen your partnership by working together on a few strategies. For example, your partner may think you look bored and conclude you’re not happy with them.