And if you find a shorty with roll-up game, make sure you hold her down. The only drug I use is alcohol, but I don’t want someone being all preachy to me about it. Some people want someone who they can share a drink with at least in social gatherings or go to a bar with to have a drink. I don’t care to be around excessive drinkers either. Blackout drunk isn’t a good look on anybody, and they are a pain in the ass to deal with.

He said I should accept him for who he is instead of trying to change him. When I first met my fiance, I made it clear to him about my deal breakers even before we started dating because it was very important for me to find someone who meets my standards. I told him that I would never date someone who smokes weed, does any kind of drugs, or smokes cigarettes. He used to smoke a lot of weed when he was younger but he quit doing it 2-3 years before he met me.

You never know when an emergency will pop up and you’ll have to drive. He asked for a compromise of once a month being able to smoke with his pals an I think that is a fair deal. If I leave, he owns everything and I will be homeless with no money. At times I have been feeling suicidal because I am so trapped.

Here are the Top 10 Reasons to Smoke Weed Every Day

Find a boyfriend who has same values as you. I am from north Europe and i have zero tolerance about drugs and weed of cource too so it was really challenging to me to try have some tolerance. He would still have a joint with a childhood friend whenever he visited hometown, but as it happened twice a year, I could tolerate that. He went to see this druggie friend he hasn’t seen for a while because of trying to quit. We still has issues around my job but we were working through that. We realised we wanted to be a couple but he had an issue with my profession and I had an issue with his drug addictions.

Yes, like anything would if he had been using alcohol even. I don’t think it’s so much that it is a “horrible drug that’s trying lives”, I think depression is the culprit and weed is the coping mechanism and he was in pain. Good on you for doing what’s right for you and moving forward, but I think he should be understood at a more in-depth level than just a weed habit. The guy sound broken, like he has stress that you couldn’t even understand.

I came to this website out of desperation. I’ve been dating a guy for the past 6 months whom has been smoking every single day for the past 5 years. A month ago he completely stopped smoking. He is experiencing really bad withdrawals and most days I find myself thinking we were better off when he was still smoking.

It lowers their inhibitions and quiets that little voice in their head that would usually tell them that whatever they’re about to do is wrong. So I’m scared of what could possibly happen due to my boyfriend’s now legal drug use. I adore this person, and I’m afraid that his use of marijuana with turn him into a husk of the person that I have come to care about so much. This morning we are going to talk about it and I have a feeling that we will break up because of it. Whenever I talked to him about his smoking, he would get defensive and argue that this is a natural herb and there are lots of drugs that are worse.

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I go to the soccer game and after she calls me, and tells me that she smoked it. My dad is addicted to it, it ruined my mom’s life, and my step dad sells it. With the bad mentality I had of this drug, I bursted into tears once I found out my girl smoked it. Once the bus came back to the school, i ran up to her and just broke down. She felt really bad about hurting me like that, especially since we both promised not to smoke it the day before.

Funny thing is this issue reared its ugly head because of a comment my bf made on a completely different topic. That really hurt me and as an example, I told him that I normally without never date a guy that smokes weed, ect, but because of how I feel about him, I made an exception. To that he said that he’s not twisting my arm. It’s true that he hasn’t twisted my arm, but by the time he told me that he smokes pot I already liked him a lot. I actually broke up with him last summer before I left for school because our relationship was unhealthy.

Let the dude smoke weed, he probably needs it just to be able to deal with you. I’m gonna go smoke one right now in his honor, poor bastard. If I was him I would make a huge deal every time you took a sip of alcohol or took a pill for whatever aches and pains you have. THINK OF OUR SON, POOR LITTLE JACKSON, AND WHAT KIND OF EXAMPLE YOU ARE GIVING HIM”. I have been married to a marijuana addict for 25 years.