It’s normal to feel a little hurt, resentful, disappointed, or even sad when faced with rejection. It’s important to acknowledge your feelings without trying to suppress them. Practicing mindfulness can help you stay in touch with your feelings and quickly move on from negative experiences. If you’re just pretending to listen or care, your date will pick up on it. Rather than helping you connect and make a good impression, your efforts will most likely backfire.

Feeling fear doesn’t necessarily mean you should end a relationship, though. It may mean you need to change something about how you’re dating someone who doesn’t believe in God (eg, are you moving too fast?). Take time to really pray over and think about these questions. I can’t tell you if you should be in a relationship with a non Christian man outside your faith – and neither can your parents, friends, pastors, or anyone. You are a Christian woman dating a man who doesn’t believe in God; this is a decision you need to prayerfully and carefully make on your own.

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There are a few places in your online dating profile where bending the truth will maximize your results. That leaves 30% about her, which studies have found to be the most attractive ratio for an online dating profile. By telling her a story, you’ve also shown her you’re physically fit enough for water sports, brave enough to do them, and financially sound enough for Caribbean trips. If you’re not the next Bradley Cooper, don’t worry.

What To Do if You are Dating a non-Christian?

Because we all have different relationships with our friends and family and in some cases, this point may not apply. My boyfriend grew up Muslim, and rejecting him initially was the best thing for my relationship with God, even though it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. Eventually, he came to Christ on his own, and seeing his faith, I know our relationship wouldn’t have been at all as strong nor as I as godly if we began dating without him knowing Christ. You’ve probably got a lot of questions right now, but luckily you’re in the right spot to get them answered. However, there is a problem if you start dating someone less spiritually mature than you but then you shame them or get frustrated with them because of this.

Guys don’t always like having to go to your sorority sister’s wedding or your family reunion, but if you’ve told him about it, he should have marked his calendar. If he acts surprised when the day arrives, this is a sign that he doesn’t respect you, which is a major symptom of immaturity. As long as it’s not interfering with his life, let the guy play.

And I’ve been on dating apps that don’t even have pay walls and still have same luck. If you’re not physically attracted to a godly woman, I don’t want you to feel guilty. Different guys will be attracted Nevermet close account to different women, and that can be from the Lord. For example, one guy shared with me that he’s sexually attracted to his girlfriend, yet knows that spiritually she’s not in a solid place.

Tip 7: Nurture your budding relationship

Or you’ve been dating forever and he doesn’t want to get married. In the short term, dating a non-Christian could bring happiness. However, since the relationship cannot be centered on Christ, this will become a source of frustration and pain.

Chances are, it will grow to be more of a concern, not less. So whatever it is that you feel still needs resolving, it’s always better to address those concerns before taking a permanent vow of lifelong marriage. We have gone to the same church all our lives; we went to Sunday School and confirmation together—we even stood next to each other during our Confirmation questioning! God works in mysterious ways, but something great always comes from His work.

Just as I did when we broke up the first time, I cried a lot. I felt great regret whenever I thought about the many things I had loved about Alex, but also sadness whenever I remembered how he had resisted the faith. It was only when a brother-in-Christ recommended that I watch a video on marriage counselling, did I realize that I had fallen into the trap of human thinking.

When you enter a relationship with Jesus, you’re not simply a “better version” of yourself, you are made absolutely new. It is time for Christians to start talking about dating. The trajectory of lives and eternities are in the balance. The phrase “unequally yoked” refers to a close, intimate partnership—like marriage—where each person is meant to be “plowing” in the same direction, at the same speed, with the same purpose.

Because in my past dating experiences I have often felt unwanted. And I don’t just mean physically, even though that is important, but also emotionally safe. So when you meet the right guy for you, you will not feel anxious and therefore might not experience butterflies, but peace and safety. A lot of us are so used to toxic relationship patterns that we are more familiar with the emotions we get from the highs and lows that we confuse them with “butterflies” and “chemistry”. The last thing you want is to let your feelings and emotions take over and distract you from discerning well. Instead, you want to be attentive and aware so that you can date with purpose.