Elena agreed with Damon and he replied “And my work here is done”, then walked out of the room. Caroline reminded her that she hated the red one and Elena decided it should be April’s choice and ran after Damon. After taking a tortured shower, Elena wrote in her journal some more about how the worst feeling isn’t when you lose someone, it’s when you lose yourself. She started seeing drops of blood, then splotches that led her into the bathroom.

Elena tells him it won’t be a good idea right now as she is buzzed. Damon tells her to freshen up and then come as this is something check this out important. Damon then tells him that he had scribbled notes about Nova Scotia in a book, they just need to get her to see it.

The Vampire Diaries: Real-Life Relationship Status, Age, Height & Zodiac Of The Main Cast

Elena then leaves the room while trying to control her tears. Elena wanders outside her dorm, still coughing up blood and hallucinating. She sees Aaron and thinks it means he’s ok, but it’s really Damon. She rants about nearly killing Liv and killing Aaron Whitmore. Finally, Damon tells her she didn’t kill Aaron but he did. Damon then reveals why he did, because the only person he believed could change him from being a cold blooded killer to a better person instead told him that he could never change.

Paul Wesley (Stefan Salvatore)

Although he playeda purely evil villain inThe Vampire Diaries,many fans will agree that Chris Wood is nothing like his character in real life. Born April 14th, 1988, the 6ft actor has shown himself to be a talented star as he has taken an array of roles . In fact, it was thanks to his role onSupergirlthat the 33-year-old ended up meeting his wife, Melissa Benoist (viaE! News). Joseph Morgan joined “The Vampire Diaries” as the centuries-old vampire-werewolf hybrid Niklaus “Klaus” Mikaelson in Season 2. Klaus arrived in town as the show’s new antagonist and was determined to kill Elena so he could break his Hybrid Curse.

If they weren’t dating, they would probably have said something via Twitter by now tbh. The costars, who dated in real life from September 2011 to May 2013 have quietly given their relationship another go, CelebDirtyLaundry reports. After the actress was done shooting the show, a viewer asked Nina about her relationship with the couple.

They both run and decide to hunt squirrels in the middle of nowhere. Stefan calls Damon to inform him that they are both safe while Elena struggles to hunt a squirrel. In 500 Years of Solitude, Elena is trying to deal with her break up.

Paul Wesley got married in secret after splitting from his co-star

She says no but Bonnie grabs her and forces her through. Elena rushes into the crypt and sees that Liv has stopped. She says they can’t stop because Damon is still on the Other Side. Bonnie says it’s too late and they missed their one shot.

Unlike his character, who hasn’t aged since he turned into a vampire in his early 20s, Morgan is 41 years old in real life. Considering that it has been 5 years since The Vampire Diariesended, it’s quite surprising to see that the fanbase is still as active as ever. Whether it is because of the interesting supernatural creatures lurking around the fictional town of Mystic Falls, the dynamic storylines, or the great relationships, fans just love rewatching this show. However, there’s no doubt that the people responsible for these great memories are the renowned actors and the incredibly talented cast. Elena and Damon begin to bond as the season goes on, and they team up to save Stefan when he becomes addicted to human blood.

She wants them to write it all down so that she can read it one day and feel like she was there. She then says goodbye to Caroline whom she’ll see again and thanks Bonnie for every time she’s made a sacrifice for her. Her only request is that Bonnie performs their favorite pillow-feather trick one last time. Elena and Damon get ready to leave the place and Damon informs Lily that they are down a witch so she her traveling companions will have to take the next trip.

Kai, who is now all powerful after winning the merge has suddenly started feeling bad as an after effect of merging with Luke. He tried writing a letter to Jo and found himself crying over it. He tells them to give this to Jo and Elena asks for something in return, help in bringing Bonnie back.