Secondly, the acronym was also notably popularized via its use as a hashtag on social media platforms, similar to Twitter, TikTok and Instagram in 2019. People on social media (netizens) have been utilizing the acronym “iykyk” dating back to a minimum of 2009, aside from its popularity peaking in the middle of the 2010s. “IYKYK” just isn’t as old as a quantity of of the opposite on-line acronyms I define right here on this website.

“If you had been there, you’d know; whereas should you weren’t, you would not really. Adolescent nonsense, for sure” is how Urban Dictionary describes the colloquialism “IYKYK”. As an acronym, “IYKYK” is incessantly seen in texting and social media comments, generally because the hashtag #iykyk. It’s an abbreviation, but it’s usually pronounced as if it had been the complete phrase. During the late 2010s, the term was largely popularized by two main developments. Firstly, the hit song from rapper PUSHA T, titled “If You Know You Know,” was one component that noticed the expression appearing in tweets and Reddit posts shortly after.

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Folks on Lucas’ TikTok have shared their experiences with these lies within the comment part. In a recent TikTok video, Lucas uncovered three lies men tell girls to offer them false hope when dating and even though he particularly says men, I assume anybody can say these lies to maintain you wondering and waiting. If you want to find out about different online slang phrases, take a look at our articles on TIHI

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This would let the particular person know that you’re in on the joke and that they should in all probability know who Kanye West is. Likewise, someone might say, “IYKYK, the brand new album by Drake is fire”, to point that only people who are acquainted with Drake’s music would perceive how good it’s. Engaging in intimate relationships is stuffed with pleasure and uncertainty. If you’re nonetheless not sure of what to do, speak to somebody you trust about how you feel. All teenagers wish to be adults, and all adults want to be teenagers. We don’t realise how troublesome it’s to ‘adult’ until the obligations begin piling on.

I ain’t no love physician, but when they actually needed to pursue a relationship with you, they wouldn’t use time as an excuse. If you’re nonetheless on the hunt for that serious relo’ however you’re afraid of being sucked right into a drama fuelled situationship, do not fret! UK-based dating coach Jacob Lucas has spilled some major intel that’ll save you time if you’re not sure about your new mate.

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Read this web page to search out out the that means of the initialism “IYKYK” (“IYKYK Meaning”), the place it got here from firsthand and some examples of the way you might incorporate it into a dialog. In this article, I’ll cowl a few of the various purposes of this acronym. There appears to be little use in further hesitation, so let’s dive proper into the specifics. It may be used alongside inside jokes, innuendos, obscure references, memes, seemingly innocent photos, and many other types of content which are directed at individuals who understand the joke or reference being made. As we’re rising up, we realised that with every speaking stage, with each situationship and with every new relationship, the standard of our companions simply get progressively worse.


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It also applies to a fanbase for a chunk of media, like a TV show or online game. There’s absolutely no dearth of progressive lexical objects to add to the digital slang glossary, and certainly the net is brimming with colloquial phrases. These days, the time period “IYKYK” is used by TikTokers to discuss with all kinds of in-jokes shared inside the neighborhood. In truth, there have been over three.5 billion hits on TikTok with the hashtag #iykyk.

Listen as we discuss our growing pains, and the struggles that we face in this section of adulting. When somebody tells us we can’t have one thing, does it make us want it even more? Is it simply in our nature to need folks that we will not attract? Join us as we talk about the psychological and emotional prospects of why we constantly feel the frustration every time we can’t get who or what we want, however but nonetheless choose to chase it nonetheless.

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Next time you hear someone saying “if you know, you know”, or using the caption, i.e., “#iykyk” take a moment to consider what they might be referring to. #Open is a neighborhood for ethically non-monogamous singles and couples. It’s devoted to being inclusive of all gender identities and orientations, so you’re positive to find plenty of like-minded queer girls to speak up. Navigating the world of dating apps isn’t all the time straightforward, particularly when most are created by and for straight of us and you’re looking for something completely different. The senseless swiping can get exhausting, and sifting by way of people who may or might not need the same kind of relationship that you just do can essentially feel like a full-time job.

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