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Season three, episodes 6-7 – joe has strong feelings for marienne and cheats on love

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Season three, episodes 8-9 – joe and love are intimate with sherry and cary and turn out to be closer while love turns into more dangerous

Now grown-up and dealing at Mooney’s, Joe was courting aspiring NYC musician Candace, but beginning to suspect that she was cheating on him. Joe followed her, spied her in a compromising place with high-end document exec Elijah and later, confronted Elijah, who stated Candace had by no means mentioned a boyfriend, so Joe pushed him off a metropolis rooftop. Mooney though, told Joe not to sweat it and that some individuals deserved to die, which is strictly what Joe needed to hear for his next transfer. In the ludicrous and high-colour world of You, the above is all the reason you want for Joe’s peculiar psychology.

What’s happened next in phrases of joe & love’s romance after season 3?

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