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Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

From the native to cross-platform to mobile-web apps, from user-friendly consumers applications to game changing B2B applications, Noah Consultancy has developed a broad range of applications for clients.

At Noah Consultancy, you can get more than access to top coders; you are getting access to a team that understand multiple aspects of mobile development including performance, user-experience, design and security.

Consumer applications work with little or zero configurations. Noah Consultancy’s focus on design, simplicity and also superior user experience while developing applications for the market. On the side of enterprise, we have helped extend legacy applications and databases to the mobile and have managed the different complexities of multiple data sources and devices. Noah Consultancy’s proprietary data synchronization framework enables enterprise apps to work offline in disconnected mode and sync with backend databases when connection is reestablished.

Parallel Processing

Noah Consultancy’s native application development expertise covers most of the major smartphone platforms. Native applications can also leverage the full powers of the underlying platform including the parallel processing on ‘GPGPUs’ and currently offering better performance than their web counterparts.

That has started changing , thanks to the rapid advances in ‘HTML5′ and standard interfaces to hardware offered by ‘JavaScript frameworks’ like jQuery Mobile. Cross-platform developments framework such as PhoneGap and Titanium offers an great and excellent alternative to burning resources for developing two or three platforms at once.

Noah Consultancy has experience integrating technologies and features such as augmented reality, near field communication, gaming and audio/video streaming into mobile applications. Noah Consultancy is performing like a leader in application design and development across all mobile platforms. Noah Consultancy has developed over ‘120 apps’ across the major platforms, including Desktop and Mobile Web (HTML5/CSS3), iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android (phone and tablet) and Windows Phone.

Core Values

Offsite and Offshore

Noah Consultancy does not utilize any subcontractors or offsite and offshore designers and the new developers, which ensures maximum amount of quality and security for our clients. Through experience, Noah Consultancy has found that any cost savings from off-shoring are more than offset by the increase in project managements and quality assurance or testing time. Our entirely in-house team of 70+ experienced systems architects, designers, developers, and Quality Assurance testers design best-in-class user experiences in our office.

Global User Experience

Our numerous clients trust Noah Consultancy for helping them deliver quality products that exceeds requirement and surpassing the user expectations. In India, Hyderabad has also proven to be an ideal and stable location for mobile developments. Noah Consultancy can also attract the top tier talent of any university town without having constant risks of poaching that most development teams are exposed to. Noah Consultancy is one of the Global leader in User Experience, Strategy & Engineering for Mobile & Cloud.

Genres in Global

We have delivered more than hundred projects for our well established as well as emerging technological companies. Noah Consultancy’s team of full time employees has executed around 100 successful web, mobile and cloud solutions on platforms including, these Android, iOS, Blackberry, Symbian and WinPhone— with more than ten applications reaching the top fifty in the genres in application store.

IPhone App Development

To cater the most pressing needs of Mobile Apps providers, Noah Consultancy is geared up to provide specialized Mobile Application Development services on the leading Mobile OS platform, the iPhone.

Our talent pool of highly skilled iPhone programmers leave no stone unturned when it comes to deliver best quality iPhone App development projects on time and within budget. Our iPhone application developers have abundant expertise in iPhone client app development.Our extensive range of I Phone development services include Client/ Server Development, Custom Mobile Apps Development, Application Migration and Porting Services to name a few.
Noah Consultancy Mobile lab is well equipped with popular set of mobile devices across multiple OS platforms, and development tools and environments that enable us to create world class Mobile Apps for our customers in lesser time and cost.

Android is a software stack for mobile devices that includes an operating system, middleware and key applications. The Android SDK provides the tools and APIs necessary to begin developing applications on the Android platform using the Java programming language.

There are huge advantages of developing applications on this platform. Most importantly it’s an open source platform and is thus accepted by a large variety of mobile manufacturing companies. Secondly, mobile phones built on this platform range from the very low prices to really high prices depending on its hardware features, thus making the application reach to a wide variety of customers.

With the increasing reach of the smartphones day by day the demand and usability of an Android application has also increased multiple times. We ensure that we provide the best design solutions for your business requirements to meet your requirements, while making sure that the app should perform efficiently in all existing versions of the Android platform.