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The fastest leading sector in the world is the telecom sector, to provide better performance and better services at a cost effective values the telecom operators are moving towards the passive infrastructure companies. The topmost leading passive infrastructure companies share their telecom sites with different operators. The biggest challenge these infrastructure companies are facing is the energy situation at a cell site. Effective management of various energy assets like the DG Sets, the EB Power, and the Battery Back-up are used to provide continuous power supply to the telecom towers to keep the sites live.

Tele Infrastructure Management System

Our solution Tele Infrastructure Management System is one of the solution that is being used by the infrastructure companies, this solution gives the overall performance of the cell sites

Infrastructure investments are shifting towards equipment that can provide high performance and capacity as well as service flexibility and velocity. Further, businesses need powerful software to sufficiently support and manage all their processes. Both service providers and equipment manufacturers understand that success here depends on the right choice of contractors and partners. A customer upgrading her handset, an enterprise requesting cell information, a machine waking up to send data, a denial of service and a top-up all represent events across business that portend actionable moments.

Inleagues Soft Tech's telecommunications & Media Expertise

In a deadline-driven industry like media, it’s critical that time-sensitive projects be completed and delivered on schedule. The industry needs highly skilled practitioners in areas such as digital convergence, content delivery, multi-platform mobile support, social media and customer loyalty initiatives as well as seasonal resources such as customer service agents to attract and service their customer base. Emerging technology areas such as Cloud computing, IP-enabled triple/quad play, mobile commerce, business analytics, LTE, online security and CRM continue to drive digital convergence and content to customers.

Inleagues Soft Tech’s talent network provides access to some of the top professionals in this industry, positioning you ahead of your competition. Our expertise includes:
  • Top most clients in the industry
  • Over 10,000 industry consultants/practitioners available
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  • Innovative delivery models blending Staff Augmentation and Managed Services to delivervalue-added cost-effective solutions
Inleagues Soft Tech has been providing services to clients for over 10+ years and we continue to support clients as they grow and expand, without any drop in service levels. We continue to be a top software service provider for clients. Our all customers are very impressed with our service commitment and responsiveness to their evolving needs.
  • LTE
  • Network Security
  • Mobile Apps
  • RF Engineering
  • Hardware Design and Testing
  • VOIP
  • Smart security and Infrastructure (Network mgmt., VPN, Cloud, etc.)